Monday 21 November 2016

Hello Monday

hello bike riding weather We have a love/hate relationship with kids on bikes. They love riding, until they don't; and we enjoy helping them learn, until they reach the don't stage, then we get stressed. But it's always a fun afternoon of bicker-free time and they get some great core strength happening, too!

hello clothes dryer Our clothes dryer died the same week Steve finished with his previous employer. And while I've learned to enjoy the process of hanging the washing out each morning, not having a dryer on rainy weekends has been an absolute pain in the butt. So it was the first thing on our shopping list once we'd caught up with all the bills and shopping.

hello playdough A couple of weeks ago, I whipped up some playdough to entertain Toni's little miss and Sophie while Toni went for her GTT. It smelled like gingerbread, and the girls loved it, and when I brought it home, all the big kids loved it, too. So we're exploring the world of smelly playdough. Last week, I made glittery peppermint, and this week I'm thinking purple lavender.

hello planning I'm 3 weeks into #FinishBigStartStrong and I've completed every module. If you've been around here for any length of time, you know how rare that is. But now that I've got my head around how to set up an electronic editorial calendar, it's time to get into the nitty gritty of actually planning a year's worth of blog posts. I'm about halfway through the brainstorming process (why do bursts of inspiration happen at 4pm on Sundays?) and pretty excited about it.

hello Christmas There's only 5 Fridays left to Christmas. That's 34 days, people.

hello Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. Yikes.... 34 days - really! Oh dear. I miss my bike riding days as a kid! I'd disappear for the whole day and just roam the country side with some food and my dog. That was a long time ago!

  2. An electronic editorial calendar...I'm off to google me one of those!

  3. Your Monday posts are always so interesting Cate! I bet the girls enjoyed that play dough...good enough to eat and all that...LOL. Thanks for linking up. Denyse. #lifethisweek

  4. Good luck with your planning Cate. I need to knuckle down and do the same thing as I have Facebook live topics and blog post ideas to prepare for the new year. I want to be more organised so I spend less time blogging and more time creating products next year. It definitely helps when i have an editorial calendar to write to so I can just get writing instead of having to brainstorm and find inspiration...

  5. Loved this post although the remains mid game of how close Christmas is has frightened me!

  6. I used to love making play dough when my children were little, so much nicer than the stuff you buy. Happy Monday Cate!

  7. Must be the time for dying dyers, my friends died last week.
    I am loving the weather now for getting out in the fresh air with the kids. Beats entertaining them inside!
    I can keep up with how quickly christmas is coming! Eeeek! Well done on keeping up with your course x


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