Monday 13 February 2017

Hello Monday

I was going to stop writing these posts, as part of my blog overhaul and refocusing in the new year.

I stopped writing completely, in part because of that decision.

But here is what I've relearned about this space in the last couple of weeks - I can do whatever I want in here!

By giving myself such a silly restriction, I was missing out on my main purpose for blogging, capturing memories (and my secondary purpose, writing)

So while there's still some Monday left, here's what I'm saying hello to today.

hello plastics drawer this has been on my big list of house-things-to-do for months. But the time has come to actually do it, because I have run out of space to store plastic boxes and lids so the kids have stopped putting them away started storing them on the dining table, which is creating it's own set of problems.

hello daily themes I guess this is another name for batching, but it totally makes sense to my brain. For a while now, I've used my child-free days to work on craft projects one day, and blog posts on the other. But it occurred to me recently that this could easily apply to every other aspect of my days, too. So I'm going to pay attention to the rhythms of our days this week, and try to figure out how I could theme our days, and actually make them usefully productive.

hello baking It's been really hot in our kitchen lately. It's been really hot in our entire house, thanks to the stupid heatwaves Australia has been having this summer, but our kitchen bears the brunt of the heat. Making it almost impossible to enjoy baking, or cooking of any sort. Which means we've relied on a lot of supermarket products lately, increasing our weekly grocery bill, which just isn't sustainable for us. Now that we've had a big freezer sort out (thanks to the freezer defrosting itself and getting it wrong), it's time to remember what treats the cherubs like, and get to baking some.

hello practice The February prompt for Ali Edward's One Little Word® class is to practice. Practice doing one thing every day that will help keep focus on your word. As I pondered this idea, I realised that I really wanted to focus on my creativity each day. But I was too broad with my idea, allowing every form of creativity to be a priority, until just nine days into the month I stopped. As I wondered why over the next couple of days, I realised that I wasn't focusing on any form of GROWTH of myself. I was letting writing, and baking, and sewing, and photo organising be creative, without lasering in one thing that would work towards my ultimate goal of growth in all areas. Once I realised that, it was easy to decide to focus on my writing for the month.

hello Monday, a new start every week

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  1. I got myself all angsty about my blogging recently and then was the same - realised I could do what I wanted. I think I'm in a state of flux or change at the moment and struggling to get my thoughts straight, so everything I tried to write for a while became overly complicated and I couldn't work out what I was trying to say.

  2. Rules and things we think we should be doing. I too get caught up with this. Gosh it would be nice to just 'be' and follow our creative instincts more. I hope you can. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 7/52. Next Week: A Pet Story.

  3. Daily themes sounds good! Batching works re blogging for me so you're right there's no reason it can't work in other areas of my life too! Thanks for the revelation!


  4. I am having a tough time actually being productive. I don't have little kids in the house, but a husband (who is thankfully self-sufficient) and a 19 year old and three dogs, two of which are bouncy Labs, keep me busy, but not so busy that I shouldn't be getting things done. Glad I stopped by today! Hope your week is a great one!

  5. I was getting a bit stressed out with regards to my blog as I always have books that need to be read in order to be reviewed/featured on the blog which obviously take time to read. But then I thought of why I started my blog to begin with and I just take it at my own pace as much as I can, although some days I still push myself more than is needed..

  6. I was hoping to have a little more time for my pursuits once the girls were both at school. Three weeks in and I am still trying!! Maybe next week will let me! At least I am not bored yet.
    I store the lids seperately (in a bigger tupperware container) from the bottoms. They seem to stack away a little better that way. I still manage to have lids with no containers, I think they are in cohorts with the socks!


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