Monday 10 April 2017

Hello Monday

Hello Monday is where I say hello to the week ahead, and try to set intentions and goals for the week ahead, in an attempt to turn around the "Sunday blues" that permeate the internet.
hello second week of holidays Considering that our school holidays were extended by two days unexpectedly (and the resulting emotional hangover for all of us), we're coping with holidays so far. But we still have to live through Easter weekend, and a ridiculously long dad-list of chores that will probably never even get a look in.

hello procrastination I've got a huge project in the works at the moment that I've been working on with a partner, but I've hit the procrastination wall now that the {self imposed} deadline is looming. I've tried to ignore it all weekend, but the guilt is just piling up, so tomorrow I'm planning to get stuck in and doing as much as I can, without doing a bodgy job.

hello writing I haven't been doing enough of it lately, instead wasting my time by scrolling through facebook (which doesn't change every five minutes) A couple of weeks ago I downloaded a tool that blocks your whole computer until you've written a certain number of words, or a time has arrived. I'm actually going to push the button on trialling it tomorrow, and each day for the next week. I'll let you know how I go.

hello camera I waiver between using my phone to take photos, and picking up my big camera. But I always love the results when I do pick up my big camera, so I'm trying to be more conscious of doing it more regularly. And with Ali Edwards Week in the Life™ project coming up next week, this is te perfect week to remember how to use it!

hello Easter traditions For years now, I've taken a photo of the kids in the lead up to Easter with bunny ears on. Our ears got dogged earlier this year, so I'm on the hunt for more, because the kids are nagging for the photo to be taken (if I can keep them doing that for forever, even with their own families, I'll have achieved something amazing!) It's also time to take note of a few other traditions that everyone loves.

hello cool weather For all the devastation that Tropical Cyclone Debbie brought to Queensland, she actually did something pretty amazing - blew away the heat of summer. Sure, today was a warm day, but the heat isn't oppressing like it was. Fingers crossed we actually get a cold winter this year.

hello Monday, even if you are almost over for another week.

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  1. Our holidays start on Thursday, chocolate fuelled holidays! Hopefully the weather is good so we can get out for walks and stuff. I waste a bit of time on Facebook and most of it is quite eyerolling at the end of the day, especially the click bait stuff. I will have to remember to get my camera out over the holidays, I took it out yesterday with me and I forgot to put the sd card in it. FAIL!

  2. Hope you got some more of that project done! I hit that wall usually 3/4 of the way into things. It's like I don't want to finish or I've done so much already that I need to step away for a while. Luckily I work well under pressure ;)

  3. I love that the kids are still keen for the bunny ears photo!!!...have a good week Cate xx


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