Monday 15 May 2017

Hello Monday

hello soup The evenings are well and truly cooling down now (I'm thinking about digging out my beanie to walk the dogs!), which often changes how we eat. We're not super-huge fans of soup around here, but if we find the right recipe it becomes much-loved! I'm hoping everyone will try a small amount of the potato and leek soup currently bubbling away in the slow cooker. [For more ideas, check out this post from the awesome community on my Facebook page]

hello real book I've been reading books on my iPad since I got it over five years ago. I love the convenience of being able to read in bed when insomnia strikes, or squeeze hundreds of books in my bag when I go away. But every now and again, a book catches my eye at the shop that I have to buy. Most often, the book then sits, untouched and unloved, on my bookshelf until I find myself throwing it into a box or passing on to someone else. So when I spotted the new Dean Koontz while we shopping for presents over the weekend, I had to buy it, and now I have to make a plan to read it. 

hello music Steve commented this morning as the kids got ready for school that we didn't have the radio on. And he's right, music has been lacking in our world lately. Time to change that around, and see if music can help change the tone of each morning.

hello sewing machine Poor Gus is getting cold at night (his coat is much shorter than Daisy's, and seems to be at winter thickness at the moment, and not very thick), so when Steve was at his sister's yesterday she let him bring home a dog jumper that her dogs use. Once it's clean and free of hair, I'm going to draft a pattern and sew a few up for both dogs (a bonus of them being so similar in size is they can share harnesses and coats!) It's been quite a while since I've pulled my machine out, I'm really looking forward to a day of sewing later this week.

hello clarity and purpose GROWTH has actually been a pretty exciting (and tough) word for me this year. It's really making me sit back and think about what my end goal for life is (and in an interesting twist, I'm coming back to where I started all those years ago as a senior in high school, then a young mum who wanted to study at university; but from a completely new angle.)

hello Monday, a new start every week

What are you saying hello to this week?

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  1. Oh I liked the last one especially. Sounds like exciting and great times for YOU are ahead. I hope you write more about it too. Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 20/52. Next week "How I learn best."

  2. Love that Mother's Day pic and words. So cute! I haven't tried any Dean Koontz novels, although he's right up my normal reading alley. I must give him a go one day. Time is the problem.

  3. What a lovely list of things to say hello to. I am also finding the cooler days (and nights) a challenge, and I'm digging out the winter gear. Unfortunately my kids have grown out of most of theirs, so I think we will be saying 'hello' to a K-Mart pretty soon!

  4. Well that's an intriguing part to end on - I wonder what you have in mind? Can't wait to hear more.

  5. Oh a dog jumper, I have to get one for our Peppi. It is getting cold now and he was shivering at the door the other morning. Good idea!
    I was so into music when I was growing up, and it was absent in my life for a while. I have incorporated it a lot more in my daily life and it certainly has made a difference x


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