Monday 11 September 2017

Hello Monday

goodbye flu While the cough is still lingering, the flu has finally left the building. It's been an unsubtle reminder to all of us to get our flu shots on time next year!

hello dishwasher After a year without (and dishes washed to teenage standard) we finally bought a new dishwasher yesterday. We've already used it 3 times just on yesterday's lunch and dinner dishes. It's ridiculously exciting how clean the dishes in the cupboard now are!

hello video I have really been surprised how much I enjoy making videos. Starting today, there's a new video challenge starting up, hosted by Niamh Arthur from Light It Up Video Marketing (the video membership I joined earlier this year.) 22 videos in 30 days, with topics provided and lots of hints and tips, I'm excited to get stuck back into making videos regularly. {Affiliate link} If that sounds like something you're interested in, you can join here, and I'll be your cheerleader, too!

hello 8 Riley is 8 today. I've been busily baking cupcakes to take to school this afternoon, and his requested cheesecake for after dinner at the pub tonight.

hello routines Being sick for so many weeks has thrown out any routines that I had started to set myself up for. I woke up one day to Douglas doing housework, and the kids have lived on frozen meals for the last couple of weekends. While the cough still lingers (and Steve is home for the next couple of days) it's time to start planning and doing and setting those routines up again.

hello blog maintenance Quite randomly last week, I decided to start writing out a list of all the tags I have ever used on posts here, and the number of posts linked to each tag. It was an eye opening list of over 450 words that mostly had less than 2 posts each against them, but it has spurred me on to get stuck into the maintenance list that I've been writing for most of this year. Updating photos, deleting crappy posts, and finally updating my about page!

hello Monday, a new start every week.


  1. Sorry to read you have been poorly :(. Hoping that new dishwasher eases the pressure at home.

  2. When you woke up to find a teenager doing housework, did you think you were delirious? ;-)
    Sorry to hear you have been so poorly, 'proper' flu does linger on a long time doesn't it? Hopefully that's given you immunity for the rest of the year though!
    I love your videos so am really pleased to hear there are more on the way.


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