Monday 25 September 2017

Hello Monday

[photo of Steve taken in Normanton, Qld. He sends photos of his bed every night at Sophie's request, and as he travels further north he's started sending tourist photos home, too.]

hello school holidays Or rather, hello second week of school holidays. We have not had a success break this time. Everyone is tired, niggly, and finding the adjustment of not having dad around difficult, so tempers (from everyone) have been frayed, and behaviour has been appalling (from everyone) We're all brainstorming ways to make this week better.

hello cough 4 weeks after the flu, the cough is still hanging around. I can see that I'm going to end up with a chest infection and antibiotics before too much longer.

hello cooking from scratch Part of the flu story was discovering that I had hypertension. When I was at the doctors last week I asked how I could help reduce my blood pressure at home. He told me the only thing that would help was a low salt diet, to which I responded "we don't eat much salt, so I guess I can't do anything." *insert laughing emoji here* Boy was I wrong! It seems that our recent reliance on "lazy food" (freezer food) that the kids can cook, and I know they'll eat, is laden with salt! So I'm taking back control of our meals by ditching the freezer food and cooking from scratch. So far this past weekend all the kids have devoured the foods I've cooked, and I've felt a lot less sluggish.

hello content planning I have about 60 drafts in my back end, and another hundred or so ideas lined up in Trello, but I sat here an hour ago telling myself I had nothing to write about. So it's time to bang it all together into a content plan that makes sense to my brain, because I'll never get consistent without a plan (so the experts tell me.)

hello Christmas Did you know today marks 14 weeks to Christmas? In fact, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, if your family is anything like mine, it's almost over and everyone is off for an afternoon nap. But that means it's about to get a bit more Christmasy around here, so stay tuned to see what I've got.

hello Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. You can still have freezer food - just freezer food you've made! That's what I do for work lunches and lazy dinners. We do tend to buy a shop bought freezer meal or two per fortnight but no more than that (unless I'm stocking because of sales).

  2. Hope life settles down as everyone gets used to dad being away for a bit.

    The flu... was shocking for me too. Hope the warmer weather knocks it on its head for you.

    SSG xxx

  3. We have heard terrible things about the strain of flu you have had and are anticipating its arrival here too this winter. So sorry to read you've had all this to cope with on your own ... But you sound as if you're taking things in your stride, and having a plan always feels good!

  4. I am surprised our local Woolies isn't decked out with Christmas stuff yet. Usually it's after Father Day, but I guess they're waiting for halloween to be over...
    Good to see things are going well with Steve x Love that he sends photos of his bed everynight!

  5. My freezer food is full of small meals for me that I can eat with only 8 teeth. I am a bit over the inconvenience but it is better than having cancer!! I do hope things settle for you and the kids. I hadnt realised your hub was travelling (for work I am guessing) and away from home. That is always hard. If you know the blog called I've Got the Verbs with Annette, she has HAD to go low salt all the way after a nasty heart scare and I think she has learned a lot about 'hidden salt/sodium'. Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek 37/52. Next Week: Movies. It's up to you how you might interpret that one!

  6. Hello! The pre-made stuff from stores has so much salt! Even the canned foods. It's ridiculous. I hear you about the content planning. I have so many posts in the drafts that I've started but can't get going for some reason. Also, I think it's that time of the year where we are all a bit on edge and over it. I can't wait for some time off over Christmas and new year. Have a great week!


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