Monday 9 April 2018

Hello Monday

hello organising The Great Craft Room Organising Effort of 2018 is still underway. The floors look beautiful now all the carpet gunk is cleaned up, and I've moved all the craft stash out of Natalie's room, so it sort of looks as if nothing has changed in the craft room, but now it's a bit more like organised chaos, instead of just chaos chaos. And if there's room for furry friends, and crafting, then it doesn't really matter how neat it is, does it?!

hello work roster Steve has been home for over 6 weeks now. And since the start of the year he's had almost 8 weeks off work. Doesn't bode well for a job he's been doing for less than a year. But he's heading off tomorrow, and hopefully things will start to sort themselves out now the strange weather has cleared off. Cyclones in April!

hello week 2 of holidays Man, I am already counting down to school starting next week! Natalie and Riley have a busier social life than me this week, but that leaves Sophie at home bored and clingy. Not much fun for me!

hello Facebook group I don't talk much about our essential oil journey. But I finally decided that I'll start a group to share our oily adventures. And after weeks of agonising over a name (can you believe that "Essentially Cate" was taken?) I stopped wasting time, and just started the group. If you're oil-curious, or an oil user, feel free to join.

hello action It's been a slow start to the year with my word. I've been so busy, hovering and waiting for Sophie to need me as she's started school that I put my word on hold (and even took a step sideways into something that I thought was calling me, but it turned out to just be noise), so this week I'm taking time to reconnect with my word, and the things that I wanted from it at the start of the year.

hello Monday, a new start every week.

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