Thursday 5 April 2018

10 places to find inspiration

Every other time I've tried to complete a writing challenge, I've had success if I've planned.

Of course, this month, I haven't planned a single thing.

So, it's no surprise that it's 4pm on day 3 day 5, and I'm still struggling to come up with something.

In desperation (it's almost time to feed the family) I turn to Facebook and start to write out a post

And that's when inspiration strikes.

When did I last notice where my inspiration comes from?

It's been so long since I've stopped the endless scroll that I've forgotten.

So I take a moment, and listen... here's what I came up with...

Taking a walk

Fresh air and a change of scene can do wonders for invigorating the mind.

Cleaning your space

Being reminded of the things you already have can spark something new

Reducing [social media] consumption

This is probably the toughest of all the ideas, but making the space for other things can bring forth new ideas.

Reading something old

Old magazines, blog archives, or even a book you loved as a kid can be a starting point

Playing games

Whether it's having a tea party, or a family game of UNO, taking the time can create connections in inspiration and creations.

Research something

Be careful that this doesn't end up as mindless scrolling, but researching a new topic can help create ideas

Watching a movie

Try a genre that you don't watch very often (musicals like The Greatest Showman do it for me)

Listening to music

I love playing music that I can sing along with, but every now and again popping on something that I know so well that it becomes background noise allows my mind to make connections and throw words together.

Comparing now and then

This works well when comparing how children have grown, but consider your childhood compared to your child's or a grandparent; technology, decor, clothes, even hairstyles can provide interesting comparisons.

Talk to someone

Talking can help you make connections in your own mind, or point out something you hadn't even considered before.

Choose just one thing from this list today, and see what pops up for you.

How do you find inspiration?

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