Monday 2 April 2018

Hello Monday

Inside - taking back the power of Mondayitis by embracing Mondays and the goals and activities for the week.

hello school holidays Sophie is in desperate need of a break, and as much as the noise and endless bickering drives me insane, I think everyone else could do with a dose of downtime, too.

hello blogging every day I didn't write much in March. Or February. Or even in 2017. I forgot how to flex those writing muscles. So I decided to kick my butt this month, and write every day. Some posts are drafts that I've been working on for months, and some are simple things like this that I've always written. The object is to write for at least 15 minutes every day.

hello craft room organising When we decided to pull the carpet up last month, I moved everything that was on the floor into Natalie's bedroom. Now I'm slowly working on sorting that stuff out, and discovering that there wasn't actually a lot there, it was just piles of stuff that didn't have a home. So I'm thinking about long term house goals, and how best to set myself up now for those changes later. And putting things away.

Disclosure - if you make a purchase through my link, I receive compensation at no extra cost to you.

hello video challenge* I love making videos, but have been quite slack about it over the last 6 months. The Ignite video challenge is running again, and I've still been slack making them, I missed last week completely! But I know how easy it is to catch up, so I''m going to get stuck into having a go.

* If making videos is something you've been meaning to start doing, this challenge is a great place to start. Create 22 videos in 30 days, share them privately for feedback from others, and become comfortable in front of the camera. If you join using my link, we'll be in the same sharing thread, and I'll cheer you on!

Hello Monday, a new start every week.

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