Sunday 1 April 2018

Us in April

Inside - Us Right Now captures the family and individual stories of our right now.

We are slowly working out how we'd like to renovate our house in a way that works best for everyone.

We are making time each week to leave the house together and move our bodies.

He has spent more time at home than work this year.

He enjoyed getting stuck into carpet removal and working out how to manoeuvre furniture the smallest possible distance.

She is licking her wounds after an unexpected rejection.

She is procrastinating finishing sorting her craft room (don't tell me to smile)

He got a great interim report card.

He spends far too much time with his nose in his phone (and not enough time interacting with family or friends.)

She has had a tough time with anxiety this term.

She's finally starting to sleep better each night (reading, essential oils and exercise have all helped.)

He is struggling to keep anger emotions in check.

He still has terrible handwriting at school (that he even struggles to decipher for the teacher!)

She has thoroughly enjoyed her first term at school.

She has a best friend, participates in everything, but still gets anxious about mum leaving most days.

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  1. Great to hear that a certain someone has had a good report card - you must have been so pleased with that! And how good to hear that Natalie is having better luck sleeping - that makes life easier for you too I bet. It's always good to read your Us Right Now posts!


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