Thursday 3 May 2018

10 Podcasts I Actually Listen to

As an introvert, I recharge my energy with quiet and alone time.

But sometimes, being alone needs some noise in the background.

I love listening to podcasts when I'm walking (although not walking the dogs) and when I'm pottering in the craft room tidying up and sorting my space.

I also have a habit of collecting podcasts that other people recommend or new ones starting up, without ever actually listening to them.

So every now and again I pop my headphones on, hit play, and listen.

These are the podcasts that I've listened to more than one episode of, and subscribed to:

I've been a long time reader and fan of Ellen's writing, so was super excited to hear she was launching a podcast. She has interviewed a wide variety of guests, each with fabulous stories to share, and I come away with thoughts to mull over from each episode.

Do It Scared® from Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less and Elite Blog Academy

I recently relistened to Ruth's keynote speech from the 2015 Problogger Event that I attended, and was reminded that I can do things even when I'm not perfectly ready. These podcasts blend guest interviews with education in Ruth's no-nonsense, easy tone. If there's anyone who can teach us about succeeding, even when we're scared, it's this one.

I don't often jump on pop culture stuff, or listen to stars, preferring to find my own people, but this podcast caught my eye when it was first launched because I have long been a fan of Denise Drysdale's honest Aussie sense of humour. Rowe and Drysdale talk their way through every day middle age issues from understanding life online to how our teen idols are ageing. There's self-deprecating humour, and the occasional snort-laugh, and two friends who genuinely enjoy talking to each other.

I love the tagline for this podcast "You already have all the tools you need to make beautiful things & make beautiful things happen, we're just here to remind you." Before I even listened to the podcast I was inspired. I'm a long time follower of Kristin's work, so it was a no brainer to finally listen to this podcast when they recently interviewed Ali Edwards about next week's Week In The Life project, and then go back to the beginning.

I think Debra from Inner Compass Designs pointed this one out in a newsletter last year. I tend to dip in and out of this one, rather than listen sequentially, and listen to things that interest me in the moment. So many good interviews here with many aha moments and inspirations.

The Mindful Kind with Rachael Kable

The podcasts are short educational bursts of information and inspiration for embracing more mindfulness in our lives.

Mums With Hustle with Tracy Harris

Tracy interviews other mums who are knocking it out of the park with their business journeys. Each episode contains nuggets of inspiration and information, and I scribble notes every time I listen to one.

Elise Gets Crafty with Elise Cripe

This podcast mostly focuses on crafty small business as well as finding time to be creative while juggling family. I've followed Elise since way back when she was a young college student working in a paper wares store and sharing her love of words and creativity.

ProBlogger Podcast with Darren Rowse

When I'm lacking inspiration, or feeling stuck in a rut with my writing, the ProBlogger podcast is the place I turn for inspiration and new ideas. I always have aha moments, and learn something new about blogging and social media and connecting with audiences.

Wit + Wisdom with Erin and Kirsten

Formerly the Blog Fuel podcast, this is like listening to two naughty school girls who finish each others sentences. Erin and Kirsten share words of wisdom from their observations of the online world, and impart knowledge in every episode.

What podcasts do you love?

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  1. I listen to podcasts when I'm going off to sleep - and regularly fall asleep after 10 mins so I have to start all over again the next day! I tend to listen to radio programmes which are hosted by tv personalities I find amusing. But I also listen to one that is from BBC Radio 2 called Simon Mayo's Confessions where people write into him confessing things they have done in the past - some of them are hilarious! (and still I fall asleep!)


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