Monday 21 May 2018

Sharing 20 random thoughts right now

Inside - Sharing 20 random thoughts

1 - I often buy parcels online, and don't open them until I need the contents. I have two parcels from 2012 here that I have never opened, and can't remember what's in them.

2 - My hairdresser has been cutting my hair for 17 years. She's now a school mum with kids at the same school as mine.

3 - I hate Netflix. Actually, I hate the overwhelm of having to choose what to watch on Netflix. If I had my way, we'd watch "The Good Wife" all day, but Steve hates it.

4 - We've finished 2 series (on Netflix) in the last week. First, we watched series 3 of Broadchurch, then we watched Paranoid over the weekend.

5 - The perfect number of episodes to watch in one sitting is 5. Any more than that, and I get the guilts (and a numb bum.)

6 - I can't stick to my editorial calendar. I've written one out every week for the last month, and even today is completely off topic.

7 - We're currently renovating our kitchen, moving it downstairs because our new fridge couldn't be installed upstairs.

8 - We've wanted to move our kitchen downstairs for years, but have never been able to afford the new cupboards. Now, needs must.

9 - My first ever job was designing kitchens for my parents business, but I can't remember a single thing about it for my own kitchen.

10 - The last time I drank a cup of coffee was just after Natalie was born.

11 - I still have some NZ Caramilk chocolate left, but Douglas stole a whole block from me. (I found the empty wrapper under his bed.)

12 - I don't sleep very well when Steve is home. He's worked away and nights for so long that I'm used to no noise in bed. He snores terribly.

13 - Sophie still sleeps in my bed. She doesn't snore, and loves snuggling. When she finally decides she wants her own room and bed, I'll probably sleep badly, too.

14 -  I emptied my bookshelves on Saturday for the kitchen reno. There are lots of books that I know I haven't read, and don't want to, but I don't want to get rid of them, either.

15 - I still haven't finished my craft room sorting after pulling the carpets up in March.

16 - I also haven't finished the binding on the quilt I started at craft retreat two years ago.

17 - After years of trying different systems to keep track of my life, my bullet journal is still the number one thing I use daily, and have stuck with longest.

18 - The only other things I have stuck to for longer than a year are blogging, scrapbooking, and Steve.

19 - I bought 3 pairs of shoes last week. One pair needs to go back, but I'm a little embarrassed because I tried so many pairs on in the shop. I love my Frankie4's best.

20 - Making myself write today has reminded me that it's ok to write without a purpose.

Today's post inspired by the prompts on this pin. I'll probably do more of them, too.

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  1. It's always ok to write without a purpose! I was wondering what happened with the fridge thing haha.

  2. Good luck with the kitchen renovation. Never much fun but very necessary, especially if your fridge won't go upstairs!

  3. I LOVE this post.... all those random things about people, I really enjoy reading them. And..... I want to know what's in the boxes! Open the boxes....puhlease! They could have something really great in them. (;

  4. Love this 'random' post! I don't envy you the upheaval of moving the kitchen. We gutted our kitchen and re-fitted it a few years ago and it was a real pain not being able to do all the things we take for granted. But oh how lovely it will be when you have finished and you have a new kitchen!

  5. I always enjoy posts that talk about the blogger behind the blog - it makes things so much more personal and friendly. I don't envy you any of your half finished projects, but you seem so okay with it all that I think you'll manage everything (includind a kitchen reno) with no stress at all!

    Leanne |

  6. I'd love a new kitchen, just the cupboards really, three doors have fallen off! Hubby most excited about doing it, just so he can have a dishwasher. I don't think he likes this model lol

  7. Randoms are read, maybe not to experience..aka the fridge not fitting. OMGosh what a time that must have been!!
    Thank you for linking up for #lifethisweek 21/52. Next week's optional prompt is "How Did My Blog Start"


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