Monday 25 June 2018

How to Remember the Reusable Bags

On July 1st, Queensland is banning single use plastic bags.

I'm not sure how others are coping with this news (we've only known about it for two years) but I have been in a tailspin!

I head to the shops a couple of times a week, dragging kids behind me who are tired from a long day at school (because I'm so disorganised that getting there in the 6 kid-free hours is impossible!)

Remembering bags is going to be a nightmare, isn't it?!

Well, as the crunch date gets closer and closer, I'm happy to say that I may just survive this change.

Last week I managed my regular big weekly shopping, a birthday present shop and a couple of after- school mad dashes, all with reusable bags!

I know!

I was impressed with me, too.

And the one thing that made it so easy was being able to carry the bags easily.

That's it.

I've done all the research, pinned all the things, checked out what others are saying, and it all comes down to making the bags easy to carry.

Now, if you're like me, you have a huge mix of bags.

I've been picking up a bag here and a bag there every other time I go to the shops for over a year.

I have green bags and blue bags and bags with elephants on them and kid-decorated bags and bags that fold into pockets and insulated bags.

Slightly different sizes, slightly different materials, my bags are a mess.

So what makes a bag easy to carry?

The small nylon bags that can be rolled up and tucked into handbags or nappy bags are easy to carry.

And one catch-all bag, with handles tucked inside, is easy to carry.

Returning bags to the same spot every time you use them makes them easy to carry.

Making it a habit makes them easy to carry.

And before you know it (at least by Christmas time) it will be second nature for all of us to have reusable bags with us for our shopping.

Will you survive bag-pocolypse?
Do you have as many bags as me?

There's a helpful list on the Queensland Government website with all the bags that aren't banned (bin bags, nappy bags, dog poo bags to name just a few)

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  1. We are the same here - although you can buy a plastic bag for 5p in an emergency no bag situation! I'm quite good now at taking reusable bags with me for my weekly shop and if I am going into town knowing I'm going to be buying something but it is the trips to town where I make an impulse shop where I have problems. I have about 4 of those nylon fold up ones but don't always remember to put one in my handbag, or I take one but then end up buying more than I expected and can't get everything into it! The secret is to make it a habit to put at least one in your bag or maybe keep one in the car (although you then have to remember to put it back after you've used it and taken it indoors!). We will get there!

  2. I already do a lot of shopping at aldi. It will be interesting if woolies adopts a similar design of desk to them. It's really easy to just get everything back into the trolley there and sort later. I've also just loaded it all lose into the car... many times.

  3. It's when I need to go to an unplanned supermarket shop that the reusable bag becomes elusive. And then of course you buy another one. Must remember to keep a bag with me at all times. Still, it's a very little inconvenience for a larger cause. I think I can live with it. Nice post.
    stopping via openslather

  4. I'm pretty anxious about this, honestly. So far, it's been fine, I've remembered my bags AND remembered to put them back in the car afterwards. My issue is having enough bags for a proper shop - I'm going to need hundreds!! So, I've been doing small shops with the few I have. Which is exhausting in and of itself. Eventually, I will have to do a proper shop ...

  5. Great planning there! Woolies went no plastic a week ago but sensibly gave each customer a free one as they entered the store. We ended up with 4 here at home and when my hub went shopping on the weekend promptly forgot the bags so we have 2 more. We are now keeping one each in the car & I am keeping a few old plastic ones in my bag.
    Thank you for joining in #lifethisweek Next week's optional prompt is Taking Stock. Denyse

  6. I'm going to do every single one of these things. That said, when I shop at Aldi, I tend to pack a washing basket or two into the back of my car and use that instead.

  7. Living in SA, I'm an old hat at this bag thingy(it's been nine years!). I can't understand the fuss. I have a cold bag that I keep all my other bags in and use these for our big shops. Otherwise I always have a few in the car(the pocket behind the front seats is a good place to stash a few) or one in my handbag all folded up small. Even I forget mine everynow and then!


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