Saturday 1 December 2018

Hello December

Inside - saying hello to the month ahead

hello Christmas

It's finally here! I've got the carols pumping (in my ears, because it's Saturday night), we tested the gas bottle by having baked ham for dinner tonight, the tree is up, and it's finally time to embrace the season!

hello Christmas cards

It's been a couple of years since I've sent cards, but I'm determined to do it this year. I've set aside some time this week to get writing and ready to post. If you want a card from me, fill out this form.

hello baking

Christmas is by far my favourite reason to bake. This week gingerbread apple pies are on the menu.

hello office cleaning

Steve's passport doesn't seem to be where it's supposed to be. And he's heading off to New Zealand again in January. So we need to spend some time cleaning up before Christmas, and hopefully find it.

hello to-don't list

One of my most favourite things over the last few years has been deciding which things I will let go of in December to make life easier for me. I've been so busy with school stuff that I haven't had a chance to create the list yet, so I'm taking some time over the next couple of days to really nail it down.

hello kindness advent

The kids have been so awful to each other today. I stopped doing advents a few years ago because of the bickering, but I think we need a reminder of what Christmas is all about. Hence sitting at the computer on a Saturday night.

hello book club lunch 

The only Christmas celebration I get just for me, I love getting together with my friends and talking books and life.

hello Christmas classes

It might seem like a weird time of year to be taking online classes, but I couldn't pass up this Mindful Christmas class when I spotted it, and while I've never actually completed more than a couple of layouts for Journal Your Christmas, I do love reading the prompts and pondering the things we do and how we remember them.

Hello December, the best month of the year.


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  1. It's finally here! Christmas is only a few weeks away! There was a Christmas Fair in town today and it was so good to hear the brass band playing carols and to go round sampling all the foods and drinks on offer. Even though it was raining, it was quite crowded and I've come home with festive spirit! I've started making lists and baking will begin this week. Better clear some space in the freezer ...


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