Wednesday 2 October 2019

Why you need to set goals for Christmas now

Inside - with just 12 weeks to Christmas, it's time to start making some goals.

It's no secret I love Christmas.
School is finished, work winds down, the streets get quiet, watching everyone open gifts is exciting, cooking tonnes of food is fun, eating the food and talking to friends is a great way to relax.

But I realised recently that the only reason I get to enjoy this amazing Christmas is because I set, and actually achieve, goals.

(Just between you and me, it's about the only area of my life where I am actually successful at reaching my goals!)

Having goals for Christmas helps you keep your calendar under control

We all know how exciting it can be to say yes to all the work parties, all the neighbourhood parties, and all the school activities, but having clear goals can help you prioritise exactly what you want out of Christmas, and be ok with saying no to some things.

Having goals for Christmas helps keep your budget on track

I asked the kids recently what the best bit about Christmas was. They all agreed that food, friends and family were the best (although Sophie thinks Santa bringing presents also ranks.)

Gone are the days of buying toys just because they saw an advert on TV. Now we can focus on the parts of Christmas that everyone remembers, and leave the toys for other kids.


Having goals for Christmas makes it easy to plan who you want to spend time with, and who you don't.

There are always people that we feel we need to see at Christmas time, even when it's the only time we see them all year.

By having clear goals you can say no without feeling obligation, because you know it's not something that is important to your family.

Having goals for Christmas means you can include self care in your calendar

With a well-planned calendar, and priorities that suit your family, it's easy to make plans that put your wellbeing front and centre during the stressful holiday season.

Having goals for Christmas means you can focus on the things that are important for your family

Christmas is primarily about spending time with family, reflecting on the past year, getting ready to step into the new year.

By having goals for the season, you can keep the priorities that suit your family front and centre for the whole season.

3 steps to choosing your goals

1 - ask the family what they like and don't like about Christmas.

This will help you decide which bits to keep, and make sure everyone is happy with the plans you make.

2 - Choose a variety of activities.

Traditions are important, but trying new things is also important, it's how we learn and grow. Try to have a good balance of new and traditional in your goals and activities.

* If your household covers a wide variety of ages like ours, having age appropriate activities is also important, and getting everyone involved in them can mean a lot to younger siblings as they get older.

3 - don't overcrowd that calendar!

This is super-important. I remember a year when I had a breakfast activity, a lunch, and then an evening event. By the end of the day, my brain was fried, and all I wanted to do was go to bed, instead of visit with friends.

So that everyone can still get enjoyment out of each activity, make sure you allow plenty of white space, between active days, and between events.

There's nothing worse than getting to an event, and everyone is too exhausted to enjoy them.

Are you excited for Christmas?


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