Tuesday 6 November 2018

Christmas Movies available on NetflixAU

Inside - get your TVs ready, a long hot summer is coming towards us, and Netflix has all the Christmas movies for your viewing pleasure!

I'm still so new to Netflix that I forget to turn it on for weeks at a time!

But when I fall down the rabbit hole, I love nothing more than picking a series and watching it until the very end (guess that makes me an ideal audience!)

As we're ramping up our days towards Christmas I started to wonder if I would need to dust off the DVD player for movies this year, or if I could just sit the kids in front of Netflix for an evening.

Turns out, I can do both!

NetflixAU has a great mix of Christmas classic movies that we love to watch every year (hello, Shrek!) and new movies that the kids may not want to watch (A Christmas Prince!)

Holiday Baggage

Christmas Inheritance

A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince : Royal Wedding

48 Christmas Wishes

The Spirit of Christmas

Once Upon a Holiday

Merry Kissmas

A Holiday Engagement

Angels in the Snow

El Camino Christmas

Trolls Holiday Special


Dear Santa

A Dog Walkers Christmas Tale

Petterson and Findus 2

Home for the Holidays

A Christmas Star

Bob's Broken Sleigh

Just Friends

Miracle on 34th Street
(original versions)


Jingle All the Way

Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

Christmas with the Kranks

White Christmas


It's a Wonderful Life

Rise of the Guardians

The Princess Switch

Almost Christmas

The Christmas Chronicles

My Perfect Romance

Angels of Christmas

The Good Witch's Gift

Shrek the Halls

How Sarah got her Wings

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Christmas in the Wild

Angela's Christmas

Miss Me This Christmas

You Can't Fight Christmas

What's your favourite Christmas movie?

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  1. Bad Santa! Haha, I like Just Friends too. And Elf!

  2. I love Bad Santa and Elf but my all time favourite is Love Actually. I always watch it on Christmas Eve! I will enjoy working my way through this list at Christmas!

  3. I love Christmas movies because of the time of year and connection to great memories. I watch It's a Wonderful Life every year, and I love the old fashioned musical ones like White Christmas.
    Thank you for sharing!
    Denyse x

    1. I was reading some fun facts about It's a Wonderful Life while putting this together, but I don't remember watching the movie before

  4. I'm probably going to say Home Alone haha 90s kid! But there's a few I don't mind on that list.

    1. Not one of my favourites, but I should introduce the kids this year

  5. I'm not a great fan of Christmas movies, I find most of them ridiculously schmaltzy and full of cliches, so I'd have to say my favourite Christmas movie, like Harmony Sweetpea, is definitely Home Alone. I 100% love that movie, even now!

  6. Elf, Love Actually, White Christmas...old children's classics like Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and Disney's Christmas Carol...does your post mean we can start watching them now??? =)

    1. yes, we can start watching now, it's only 49 sleeps away!

  7. OK, confession time. I was home on my own this afternoon and on the pretext of resting my foot which has mysteriously become painful and swollen, I watched a Christmas film on Netflix. Shhh don't tell anyone else! It was The Holiday Calendar. It was very American and schmaltzy with a predictable happy ending but very easy to just sit and watch with a cup of tea!

  8. polar express and rise of the guardians are two of my favourites!


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