Monday 5 November 2018

Hello Monday

Inside - Hello Monday is a semi-regular series that tries to change the focus from Monday blahs to Monday happy by sharing thoughts and actions coming up this week.

hello Christmas

It's 50 days to Christmas.

Yep, you read that right, fifty days. The countdown is on to all the crazy that happens at the end of the year. [Unless you've got yourself a Christmas planner!]

hello prep orientation

I know, there's no more kids to send off to school around here, but being involved with the P&C means helping out for the orientation mornings. And tomorrow I agreed to tell the new parents about the P&C! I'm hyperventilating at the thought (which is ridiculous, because it's no different to creating videos and throwing the out to the internet), but I'm sure no one will see me the way I see me.

hello summer

The sun has turned it on up and down the east coast in the last week. I think it's safe to say spring is over, and the heat is coming back!

hello tummy bug

Douglas is home from school today after a vomiting attack overnight. Hopefully it's gone and he's on the mend.

hello baking

Even in hot weather the cupboards need topping up with snacks for kids. I like to try and get baking done in the morning, so the heat on the kitchen isn't exacerbated by the afternoon sun. On this week's list is pumpkin choc chip muffins, and some new shortbread varieties.

hello accountant

Did I tell you my role on the P&C is as the treasurer? Mostly because I understand the programs they use to track income and expenses and know how to do payroll and pay bills. Because while they've had an accountant for years, they can't really afford it any more. So I need to sit with the accountant for a refresher in book keeping.

hello priorities

My priorities have been all out of whack for the last few weeks. I feel out of control, and like I'm not getting much done. So I'm starting to track how much time I spend on P&C things, and going back to doing my things first in the hopes of finding the important stuff again [I don't believe in balance any more, because we focus on the important things, so it's about teaching ourselves to find the important things to find balance.]

hello Christmas magazines

This is my favourite time of year for magazines. All the ideas for craft, wrapping and food help me dream about trying new things [but remind me that it's the traditions that we love best.]

hello, Monday, a new start every week.

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  1. You are certainly keeping yourself busy! It's amazing how much time volunteer work can take up when you are involved on committees and sometimes it can encroach on all the other stuff you want/need to get done. One thing I have learnt from being a mum is that the balance in our lives is constantly changing and what worked one month will be different the next so be kind to yourself, don't spend all your energy looking after the others and neglecting yourself. You deserve some free time too!

  2. 50 days to Christmas?! While I don't do much on the day, it means 50 days to a public holiday! :D And a few more. Hope you can say goodbye to the tummy bug. Have a great rest of the week!

  3. Oh I know how much you love your countdowns and I did too when I was teaching!!

    Thanks for linking up for #lifethisweek. Optional prompt next week is "I Remember".


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