Monday 17 February 2020

Hello Monday

hello Monday is a semi-regular series, sharing goals and plans for the week ahead in the hope of embracing the coming week, not moving through with fear or trepidation.

hello hot weather

After 2 weeks of rain (which we so badly needed), the hot weather has returned as autumn is knocking on our doors. Fortunately, the real killer, humidity, has worn out her welcome as all the rain dries up. Hopefully, the weather patterns are changing, and we'll see more rain this year than the last couple of years.


hello blog writing challenge

Kylie from Kidgredients issued the challenge in a Facebook group last week to write every day for 30 days. My immediate answer was yes, but then as my brain let it sink in I was all squirmy and fighting to run away.

Once I git over the squirmy ick, I realised the challenge was to write every day, not publish every day (but, ever the over achiever, I might publish a few between now and then) I've created a list of topics, bribed myself with a cool TV show, got an accountability buddy in Toni from Finding Myself Young, and now that Monday is here I'm a little excited to jump in and start.

hello New Amsterdam

I have always loved a good medical show. I grew up watching ER with my mum, and Natalie loves to watch Chicago Med with me, so I wasn't sure if New Amsterdam would live up to my expectations. But it blows them out of the water.

A leader who comes to a hospital that he has a family link with, knowing he has cancer, and the first words out of his mouth are "how can I help you?" I've ended every episode with tears leaking from my eyes.

hello strategy

There's an overarching theme for my volunteer roles of strategy this year, and it's making me pause and pay attention to my own knowledge and experience, and my action plan. It's an interesting process when all your things end up melding together.

hello decluttering

In 2019 we had a whole family goal of decluttering our house room by room. It never happened.

In 2020 I've set myself the goal of decluttering by myself, room by room. Here we are halfway to March, and I still haven't started. It's time to pull out the plastics drawer, and get it done.

hello discomfort

Last week's Pieces of Us challenge hosted by Ali Edwards, brought up some unexpected discomfort for me. I don't generally have any voices in my head that complain about my body, but I have resisted taking the whole body photo suggested by the prompts. I can't quite pinpoint why, but I think I'm going to challenge myself to get them taken today, and do a bit of journalling around it.

hello Monday, a new start every week.


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  1. Hoping that the de-cluttering (even five mins) has got you started and that the rest of your projects are making progress. I've not come across that medical drama - will keep an eye out for it. Hoping for a good week for you, whatever the weather ...


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