Wednesday 1 July 2020

Hello July

hello Monday is a semi-regular series, sharing ideas, inspiration and activities from the week or month ahead.

hello school holidays

We're 3 days in, and the kids are bickering as much as ever *insert eye roll emoji* Between new iPads, cousin sleepovers, and park visits on alternate days (because mum has to get some work done) we're muddling through

hello driving lessons

2 years after he got his learner's permit, Douglas is having his first lesson with an instructor as I type this. Both Steve and I struggled to get him to listen to us (which is pretty common, I'm told) so we decided he needed some formal lessons before we let him drive us around. Hopefully he books some more lessons quickly, so we can get rolling on getting his hours built up!

hello new glasses

I finally had my eyes checked last week, and am impatiently waiting for new, much stronger, glasses to arrive. My much-loved red frames will be going, red isn't on trend in the frames world at the moment, but I quietly love my new frame choice, and can't wait until I can see without the struggle!

hello project planning

I've wanted to try 12 week planning for projects for a couple of years, but couldn't quite figure out how it works. Cue working in a primary school, where everything is done in term blocks, and all of a sudden it makes sense to me. Now I'm starting to map everything out, and feeling way more productive!

hello book club

I love reading and talking about books with other people. I've been a member of a local book club for over 15 years now (I think it's actually 17), and we read personal development books every month at Simple Scrapper, but I've just jumped into another online/international book club this month.

My friend Francine from The Organised Crafter Brain runs a facebook group with her sister that has chosen books from black authors for the next 6 months. I realised when I saw the list that I've never purposely read books by any particular author, but now that I know better I need to do better. I'm excited to discover some new authors through this group.

hello Christmas

It's 177 days, in case you were wondering.

2020 has been a strange year, and we're not out of the woods yet, but we've made it this far, so we can make it to the end.

hello July, a new month ahead full of challenges and inspiration.

What are you saying hello to this month?


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