Monday 28 September 2020

The Green at Carseldine Village

Inside - our school holiday adventure to the newest park in our area.

A playdate at the newest park on the Northside sounded like just the thing I needed in the middle of the school holidays. And a visit to my old university stomping ground? A walk down memory lane is always fun.

Through a few unforeseen twists, we ended up at the playground on our own, because school holiday Mondays are feral-town in our house. Five minutes to put shoes on, make tea and fill drink bottles, and we were on our way.

"That's the road to Dad's work" she said as we whizzed through the traffic lights (on green, of course)

"And that road goes to Bunnings" she continued

But when the car turned left where it would normally turn right, the kids were stumped about our destination.

Right at the roundabout, and a left turn into the carpark had my brain anxiously trying to picture our destination.

"Staff parking only" read all the signs facing me.

A quick backtrack to the roundabout, I realised that I was in exactly the right spot, so back we went, and sailed past all the parked cars through to a construction zone.

But don't let the building site fool you, follow the dirt road through to the end, and you'll be facing the loveliest new playground!

Dotted with young jacaranda and eucalyptus trees, this space is going to be beautiful and shady in ten years when all those trees have grown.

Made from black steel and dark timber, the oversized shelters provide shelter and space to spread out if you're in a large group, but are cozy enough for mums catching up with friends during the holidays.

Considering the local protests over this space, I think that the developers have been respectful of the needs of the community when putting together the plans.

Soccer goals, outdoor gym equipment, even sun loungers on the edge of the natural eucalyptus grotto and well used tennis courts means that this area is going to become the hottest location once everyone knows about it.

Even the 9.44am freight train faded into the background while the kids played.

The only downside of our morning was the state of the toilets. No paper, and rubbish and mess everywhere meant that our visit was cut short while we went in search of better facilities.



  1. What a great find - I'm sure you're glad you persevered in getting there. It looks as if there is something for everyone to enjoy.

  2. How nice to be able to enjoy all that new equipment without hoards of other people!


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