Tuesday 27 October 2020

A New Lease on the Backyard

When you've lived in one place as long as we have, sometimes it's easy to become complacent about the space you utilise.

 Our backyard is one of those underappreciated spaces that just doesn't get the love or the use that we expect of it, no matter how hard we try to fit into it.


From our first Christmas here, we've always had a trampoline in the backyard. Tucked under the Jacaranda tree, it often spent 4 months of the year untouched by children as it became a mass of rotting leaves, fallen purple flowers, and bees (which I'm allergic to)


As the kids have grown older, it's been harder to engage them away from gadgets and the indoor comforts of streaming TV shows (hello, Lucifer!) so when I was asked if I was interested in reviewing a Vuly trampoline, I jumped at the chance.


Now, I'll be honest - I currently have two trampolines set up in my backyard 😆

Only because we couldn't quite work out what to do with the unloved, unused trampoline, because the kids love the Vuly!


While no trampoline is easy to set up (it would have been much quicker if I could have found the hammer, and wasn't nursing RSI in my right wrist) the instructions that came with the Vuly were actually easy to interpret, and the boxes were clearly labelled.


[Although there was a page I misread, and so our trampoline doesn't have the safety mat covering the springs 😖]

And just as expected, the kids are out the back every morning and afternoon, arguing over who's turn it is to jump up to the roof and knock the Jacaranda flowers off the cover of the Vuly 😁

Vuly Play prides itself on designing the best outdoor play equipment in Australia. From their range of swing sets to monkey bars and trampolines, Vuly promotes active, safe play for kids of all ages.



  1. Nice to see you posting again - and great that you've found something outdoors that engages the children's attention and energy! Ate there any goodwill shops or charities or second-hand ad pages that might provide a new life for your old one?

  2. Hi! This has obviously been a crazy year, so I decided I need to go visit the blogs I haven't seen in a while! Nice to see you post, also! Hope all is well with you and your family!


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