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Wednesday, 9 July 2008

my freedom - suitcase essentials

Today's blog prompt for Shimelle' class is "what's in your suitcase?" It's been so long since I have travelled without children that there is always something child-related in any bag I own!!

For day-to-day travel I carry a nappy bag filled with nappies, wipes, snacks, toys, wallet, phone, and 95% of the time, my camera ~lol~

For holiday travel, aside from clothes (and always jeans and jumpers as well as tshirts and shorts, no matter the time of year!), there will be peppermints in the bag somewhere! Books and magazines for bedtime reading (same as at home), always carry my own pillow, an mp3 player if I'm not driving, the camera (and laptop to pull the photos onto)... and the children paraphernalia, including pram, baby sling, nappy bag, toys.... (we're going away in a couple of months, so this list will serve as a reminder!)

What are your essentials? Did I forget anything (something I'm quite good at ~lol~)?


  1. LOL. It must be a Mummy thing! My post for this prompt was about how much crubbish you have to pack for kids :)


  2. I think you have forgotten the kitchen sink !

  3. "and always jeans and jumpers as well as tshirts and shorts, no matter the time of year!"

    This is so me to. And I totally forgot about my pillow!


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