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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

~~ fabric yummyness ~~

{isn't it yummy?}

I've decided that I have some small, minor sewing ability (but nothing compared to Amanda), so when I saw this idea over at Chica & Jo, I decided I had to have a go at it... not for me, but to RAK to some of the first-time-mummies over at the parenting forum I'm on... I'm going to line the inside with calico, and maybe stiffen with some interfacing (which I don't know anything about, but bought a small amount of last week), and then just fill with some bits and pieces I've already started collecting - can you think of any essentials not on the list?

I decided yesterday that I was feeling a bit "disconnected" from my life ATM... last month I took less than 50 photos ~OMG!!~... so I'm thinking I'm going to start my "project 365" a month early (or finish it a month late, cause I really wanted July '09 - June '10)... I figure, even if I'm not really scrapping ATM, I can manage to print photos, slip them into a pocket (which I need to purchase), and write a little bit on a card (which I'll set about printing in the next week or so, seeing as how I've brought my date forward...) and I'm going to make myself a list of all the photos that I want to try to take over the year, remembering the big kids in there, too!

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  1. What a great idea. And the fabric you've chosen are divine.
    The only other thing I can think of is stress balls made from seeds and balloons (if you want to go the extra) but they may not fit inside that cute little pouch.


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