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Monday, 3 December 2012

hello monday

Hello, Christmas cards ready for posting

Hello, stinking hot weather

Hello, only two weeks left of school

Hello, gift list writing

Hello, Monday, a new start each week

Inspired by Lee


  1. It's definately a warm one this year! It's so hot here in Armidale, NSW I can't imagine what it's like in QLD! I've only done a few Christmas cards so far, I've been making little gifts to put inside and have been trying to tackle it in batches. Christmas is freaking me out this year!

    1. we are averaging about 32degrees at the moment, but tomorrow is set to be close to 40 (kids came home from school with the message that they don't have to go, I'm a mean mum, and I'm sending them)

  2. It seems so weird to me that we are hurtling headfirst into cold weather, rain, sleet, wind - possibly snow , and you are having 30 degrees plus. can't imagine Christmas in the sunshine!

    1. Deb, I find the idea of Christmas in the cold weird, my one English christmas didn't even have snow!

  3. It's been warm here today...but certainly not to that extent!...and I know I owe you a's almost finished-honest!
    Alison xx

    1. this is unseasonably warm, they say we're in for a hot summer!


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