Wednesday, 20 November 2013


"She looks like Riley"

"She looks like Natalie"

"I can see Steve in her"

"All I can see is Chloe"

Sophie is her own person, but as a mum I can't help but compare her to the other kids. In the beginning, all I saw was Chloe, but as the months have gone on, I can see the other kids reflected in her (although many of Chloe's mannerisms are manifesting in Natalie, [and to a lesser degree, Riley] so they may appear stronger in Sophie as she ages)

{photos of Chloe and Douglas are on film, but will be shared when I can find them}

points to note
  • Sophie has more hair than Natalie or Riley, but I didn't get heartburn!
  • I've learnt how to use a camera and light in recent years
  • chubby cheeks are beautiful
  • they all have the same blue eyes
 Do your kids look alike?


  1. What very sweet photos! And such bright and alert little gazes … We caught glimpses of different family members in ours at different stages in their development before they settled into their own shapes.

  2. Oh my, what beautiful eyes they all have!


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