Tuesday 28 August 2007

OMG! Tuesday again!

So, what's new in the world?

Well, no doubt you've seen that mum in America who sold the Pokemon cards the kids snuck in to the trolley... Have you read her blog? This woman has some talent, and who doesn't relate to everything she says (in fact, most everybody who reads her blog says "that could be my kids"... bet she's sick of hearing that by now!)... sort of makes me wonder how crazy we really are if we TTC again!!

The world of this SAHM has been very small for a couple of weeks now... sick bubs, pupil free days, sick mums, has meant no visits from anyone, and no catching up with friends... and all that rain last week didn't help either, by Friday I'd had enough of trying to get the babe in and out of the car with the smallest amount of water on her head possible - also had DH home, so we pretended to get another small project done in the house (and I must admit, he did a pretty good job of building shelves in the wardrobe - shame that's as far as it got!)

We're off to the movies tomorrow - babes in arms session, although I think me and the babe are going to be the only one's from mums group there - all the others think that their babes won't sit still long enough for them to enjoy the movie. There may be something in that, but I thought the idea of BIA sessions was that the kids could run around if they wanted to?

Here is one of my favourite recipes of the moment - and whipping them up before school usually means I get to eat too!!
Savoury Breakfast Muffins
1 cup wholemeal flour
half cup plain flour
half Tbs baking powder
quarter tsp bicarb
ground pepper/salt to taste
1 egg
1 cup buttermilk
1 & half Tbs olive oil
1 Tbs butter, melted
3 stalks shallots, chopped
3 rashers bacon, diced
half cup grated cheese
half red capsicum, diced (I find cooking this in the microwave means the kids eat them too!)
combine dry ingredients. Add shallots, bacon, capsicum, cheese, combine.
Combine wet ingredients, add to dry, mix until just wet.
Bake 180 degrees approx 20 min
Yum when fresh out of the oven, but great cold, too!

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  1. Great recipe! I will have to give this one a go sometime soon. It seems like a quick and easy one and well, with 4 kids quick and easy is good.
    From Kym (*kymmymoo* on SM)


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