Friday 5 October 2007

school holidays are nearly done!!

So much for being organised and keeping the kids entertained - especially the dude!! He's probably spent the last four days in front of the tv, and I really don't care! Yeah, I know that makes me a terrible mum, not stimulating him in other ways, but I struggle daily as well, why should I stress myself more by not letting him watch? He's happy, and not upsetting the baby, so it's peaceful in that sense. Must start planning for summer, though, cause I really don't want either of them sitting in front of the box for six weeks!!

I finally figured out how to link to those blogs I read occasionally, now all I want to do is figure out how to upload photos and stuff. It all takes time to learn.

Do you "facebook"? I do, but I can't quite figure out why.... I signed up two weeks ago, and thought it could become really addictive, but not being able to find any of my friends sort of makes it null and void. I really think there are only so many times I can poke my sister, play tv trivia, and add applications!

Hmmm the baby awakes, off to sort her out and finish a late lunch.

Play later!!

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