Monday 19 November 2007

birthday boy

Douglas turns six today! Happy birthday to him!!

Chloe made him breakfast in bed - coming in to wake me at 6.20am, cause they were both awake already! We only had one piece of bread left, so they shared a piece of toast, then had cereal at the table together. Then off to get ready for school, and Nanny and Aunty Woo called at 7.30am to wish him a happy birthday.

He had his very first birthday party yesterday, at one of our local play centres, and I was terribly disappointed in the whole place - food, service, play area - but the kids were happy, and Douglas was just excited to have a party!

His brothers will call him tonight (they're coming to visit in January, and they're all very excited about that!) - Douglas is my "step" son, with two big brothers from mum's first marriage (mum passed away two years ago, hence why he lives with us), and next Saturday we'll have Nanna and Aunty Kay and Uncle Craig and Claire over for lunch (and whoever else he decides he wants to share the day - MIL wants us to contact her "pseudo son" and invite him - her 30yr old grandson who she raised - but I believe it should be up to Douglas who spends the day with, not anyone else - besides, every time we invite him to anything, he says "got to work", same as DH's other sister!!)

And he's probably going to decide on McDonald's for tea - although Chloe might convince him to go to the pub for tea and invite friends to go as well. I have to take Chloe shopping for his present this afternoon - she was with her dad all weekend - and am still trying to figure out the logistics of that one!!

On a sad note, Amy is currently with the vet. She was limping a bit yesterday, and had a small cut on her mouth, so we just left her to her own space during the day, and brought her inside last night. By bedtime, she couldn't even move comfortably around on her rug/bed, so we decided to take her to the vet this morning.

I think the vet is used to people bursting in to tears in her office - she told me Amy had been hit by a car, and had a broken femur... which isn't cheap to fix. DH said last night "if it costs too much, we can't do it", and I said, "get real, we'll do it, no matter what", but when the numbers are said, it really brings it in to perspective. I'm still waiting to hear about how bad the break is (which determines the cost, apparently), but numbers like $1500 to $3000 were spoken!

There's one part of me that says she's a cat, and another part that says she's part of the family. As you know, she went missing a couple of weeks ago, and everyone was distraught about that - how will they feel if I have to say to them we can't afford to get her fixed? And how will I feel?

I also found out today that my dad is getting divorced again - mum told me, cause she's coming for two weeks at Christmas time, and my step-mum has invited her to get together for a drink... I only found out from my brother last week that they had separated!

Anyways, that's my ramble for today - have a great week!!

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  1. Happy birthday to your little man!
    How cute is he?!
    How sweet, you've put me in the 'inspired by' section of your there's a 'ohhhhhh' momnent. I am so chuffed...thankyou so much! *warm fuzzies*
    Take care...


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