Friday 25 January 2008

weekend plans....

This Australia Day long weekend I have the following plans (scrappy and not) -

- book covering: the kids are back to school on Tuesday, and I have left everything to the last minute, as a true procrastinator does!!

- cybercrop at scraptherapy : the last weekend of the month long cybercrop at therapy is on, starting tonight... there is a scavenger hunt, and a couple of challenges - my goal is always to complete at least one LO

- cybercrop at scrapboutique: I only discovered this forum during the week, and they have this awesome year-long challenge called "The Scrapper's Almanac" (based on some book that I have never heard of called "The Scrapper's Almanac" or some such thing) which I thought looked pretty cool. Anyway, they're having a cybercrop this weekend, too, so I thought I would see what inspiration comes my way!

- I have some circle journals to finish off... I kind of lost inspiration for one of them, so gotta go hustle that mojo out again, and get the others rockin' and rollin' ready to travel again.

- I have joined my very first ATC swap at therapy "back in black", so those need to be finished as well!

- and of course, there is my daily journal, and the monthly card swap over at SM forums that need to be finished as well.

So, realistically, it won't all get finished. I would like to get the cards done, and the cjs, and at least one LO... and somewhere in there, I have to do some baking for back-to-school food!!

Four sleeps to go

Four sleeps to go

Let's all clap our hands

There's four sleeps to go!!


  1. Wow! You've got a full agenda! Good luck getting it all done!

  2. A busy weekend ahead for you! Have a fantastic time :)

  3. I dont wunna go back to schooolll! :( lol
    WOW you have heaps to do!
    Same with me! AHH i just get so distracted lol! hope you get everything done!


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