Monday 28 January 2008

update of weekend plans....

These cards are for my card swap over at SM forums... the funky pp is SEI, which I love, and the pink pp is from a papercraft magazine I bought for ideas a couple of weeks ago - came with a heap of paper, so I used an idea from the book, and some of the paper... don't think they turned out to bad?!

I got the books covered - turned out that was easy, only two books to cover! I wasn't covering exercise books, only textbooks and dictionary, so it was easier than I thought!

I haven't done any LO's this weekend - wasn't really inspired by any of the cybercrops that were happening, so I've kind of wandered around cyberspace without doing anything.

Had friends over for a BBQ last night, which was fun - 9 kids and 4 adults makes lots of noise ~lol~

I've exceeded our internet limit this month, five days before the end of the month, so the computer is going to be a pain in the bum for the next week... makes uploading anything really slow, and surfing cyberspace becomes frustrating! I'd like to say it won't happen next month, but I think we are more likely to upgrade our plan instead!!

I'm busy working on Nat's invitations atm, only six weeks until she turns one!!

Only one sleep left until the kids go back to school... I've got the camera ready to go, it's a new school, so I'm planning on taking lots of photos of both of them - I'll post them tomorrow!!


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  1. Great blog, Love your gorgeous Creations. I'll be back for some more inspiration.

    Take Care,
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