Monday 21 July 2008

first access visit...

(I wrote this on the parenting forum, but decided I really wanted to share it here instead... you know who the players are....)

Well, she came home this last weekend for her first access visit with us...

It was really hard sending her back yesterday... I don't think she knows if she's happy or not yet, it's still early days.

She discovered that the school she's going to don't have a camp for grade fivers (something she has been looking forward to, cause even the school she changed to at the start of the year has a camp for grade fivers.) DH suggested she comes back at the end of term, then she can go on camp (they go in November), but I don't think he was serious!

In less than an hour of our arrival home, she was yelling at DS... and he spent the weekend with his "stupid pants" on, misbehaving, and getting into trouble (something that fortunately isn't as bad with DD around, but it goes to show that he doesn't misbehave just cause she's here!)

DD2 went looking for her this morning - something I thought might happen - but she didn't seem too fussed when she couldn't find her... but she was so excited to see her on Friday afternoon! That's one smile (and the hug that followed) that I will treasure in my heart!! DD spent the afternoon driving me nuts, wanting to pick DD2 up and carry her around - I think the reality of not seeing her every day is starting to hit home!

Anyway, thanks for reading my ramble - just needed to get some thoughts out.

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