Monday 21 July 2008

my freedom - play

Today's prompt is to discuss what games you like to play.

This is "the penguin" - he belongs to the game "save the penguin"... I've posted before about Wednesday night games... I unburied the penguin in the wardrobe a few weeks back, so we pulled him out for games night... he is much loved by the kids, but DH doesn't have much luck with him ~lol~

Flying planes with dad, another fun game!

Memory is another Wednesday night favourite! This photo is from our first session, way back in January... don't think we've played this game for awhile...

A happy dance, cause she won!

Thinking, thinking... another game we play is go fish - we have alphabet cards, so we match the capital letter animal mumma to the small letter animal bubba... {the ulterior motive was to start teaching Douglas his letters!}

I've always been fond of board games, but the kids are little bit too small to make it fun at the moment - who doesn't love a good game of monopoly?!

I also enjoy spending time playing with my nintendo DS - I've only got two games, mahjong (which I've been playing IRL for years) and "Professor Layton and the curious village"...

What's your favourite board game?

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  1. Love all the pics! Used to love memory & bought the game for my kids - we just used playing cards, lol.


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