Saturday 20 September 2008

sunny saturday....

These guys arrive today... Long story short, brother and partner
have split,and he has the kids... needs to make a new start,
big sis says "let me help" they move into the garage/parents
retreat space downstairs.

Caiden is 21mths, Lana is 4, life is about to get busy here!
(my baby bro is 28 in November, but I still struggle with
the idea he's a dad!!)

While we were away, this girl got into the habit of late bedtime...
Last night it just wasn't happening, she wanted to play
like she did on holiday, but was struggling to keep her eyes open.
Dad usually tucks her into the couch with Jake and Bella and
covers them all up... she lasted five minutes before sleep found her!!

Went to a birthday party on the beach this morning...
the girl does NOT like sand! She doesn't like getting
dirty in any way, shape or form.

But slides are heaps of fun (I think no pants really helped make
the slide experience much slower)

And the boy even got in on the act at the water's edge.

The rest of today will be full of moving-the-spare-bed-downstairs, and go-to-the-supermarket-to-buy-food-cause-now-we're-feeding-8-people, and tidy-the-scraproom-up-to-keep-the-kids-out, and plan-what-to-do-with-the-kids cause it's school holidays here, too!!

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