Tuesday 7 October 2008

78 days...

Until the fat man sings!!

This year, I'm planning to take Shimelle's "journal your Christmas" class... It was around that time last year that I first discovered Ali Edwards, and I loved what she was doing, and want to have a go for myself. I have lots of projects in mind for this year, so I'm hoping that I can actually keep up with my ideas - here's my list for future reference.

  1. advent calendars for all the kids. I'm thinking of creating library pockets on canvases for each of the kids, with small "jobs" to do each day to get ready for the big day.
  2. Christmas cards. I'd like to make each one individual and different, but that's unrealistic. Last year all I had to do was stick photos to cards, and couldn't even manage that, so this year I'm going to make it easy - probably a photo of the kids, or a really simple design, and mass produce the same cards for everyone.
  3. Christmas stockings. Chloe has one buried somewhere in storage, made by an aunt, Douglas has one somewhere in storage made by his mum, this year I want to make stockings for everyone. Yes, I have a full house, so that means 8 stockings, and yes, I am crazy, but I can do this!
  4. Decorations for the house. The kids can help with this, it can be part of their advent "jobs" listed above.
  5. Teacher gifts. Again, advent jobs for the kids, simple decorated candles, probably.
  6. Grandparent gifts. More advent jobs. Simple decorated frames probably - I bought cheap IKEA ones a few weeks ago, so they will probably do something with them.
  7. Eventually, I have to start shopping for presents. I have the big present for the big kids sorted out (we like to give them one big things to share - last year was a swing set - and a small pile of other stuff, books, cd's, pens and paper, a couple of toys, etc.) And then I have to decide what to get DH for Christmas. Last year I bought him a pile of stuff for our new BBQ, but I think the joke sank (he can't cook, so I was trying to get him excited to try)
  8. That's about all I can think of for the moment, but I'm sure I'll add to the list as the day gets closer!


  1. Thanks Cate for the tip about the goosbumps books. I think I will have to see if she likes that idea. (I know I enjoyed that type!) At the moment she is reading the Famous Five series, Anne of Green Gables and anything Hannah Montana! Lol! Gotta love an 8 yo's flippant taste!

    Thanks also for leaving a message on my blog. Let's me have a look at yours now! *wink*

    Have a great day.

  2. WOW! This is a great list. It kind of makes me tired though! LOL


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