Monday 6 October 2008

randomness and scrappyness

This is my take on challenge 2 for the scraptherapy cybercrop

And my LO for out of the hat

First day of school today - I said "first day of school today, know what that means?"
"photos" he says... "yep, spot on"... so now I should be able to do that first-day-of-each-term LO
(hope Chloe's dad thinks to take photos today!)

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  1. In response to the question/comment on my blog. . . I don't know what to say -- my oldest took his diaper off only once (when my husband was home & I was not.) I think part of our current dilemma is that the two little boys are cheering each other on so they both keep stripping. I hope you never have to face that -- I can't even get duct tape to work. I am sorry about the mess you had to pick up. It's tough being a mom, but it's a job that's easy to love.


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