Tuesday 27 January 2009

tuesday randomness....

Been a bit slack the last week, so here's a quick catch up post....
We couldn't find Caiden and Natalie yesterday, but noticed the bathroom door was wide open and a strange buzzy noise was coming from within, which usually means they're up to no good... couldn't resist the photo op, how cute, sitting in the bath, brushing their teeth!

Hybrid designs is one of our sponsors for out of the hat, and they had their cybercrop on the weekend, so I thought I'd play along, too. The only challenge I actually completed was to create an OTP with your 2009 goals on it... something I've been meaning to do for a few weeks now, so it gave me the kick up the backside I needed to get things finished. I love the we r memory keepers paper (see what happens when you have to pull all the paper off the shelves cause they're collapsing - you find paper you forgot you had, and raid your stash!!)

Back to school for this boy today... and I have mixed feelings, cause it's the first time I've done "back to school-ness" with only one child... I'm still having trouble adjusting to not having her here... while the last week has been great since she went "home" because she isn't yelling at everyone, it's also been sad, watching Nat look for her every morning, and having one less mouth to feed, and not being able to share our news with her, either.


  1. Love the bathtub pic! TOO Cute!!!!

  2. Hi Cate! Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog! I love discovering new places to visit and I am loving your stuff! Hope you visit me again! And good luck with fighting the morning sickness!


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