Tuesday 28 April 2009

catch up and randomness...

17.5wks (now 19wks)...
The online "due in" group I'm part of does this thing called "toilet paper Tuesday" where you measure your bump with toilet paper... I'm temporarily giving up sharing, cause last week I meausured 13.5 squares! (even those who've had bubs before are measuring much smaller than me!) We're heading off for our morphology scan on Thursday morning... we've decided to find out the sex this time, so I'll share when we get home...

Douglas has been having some "learning difficulties" at school... when you start down the path of investigating just exactly what these difficulties are, the school recommends getting eyes checked first - it's free for the check up, so a good place to start... we walked out of his appointment $300 lighter! Hopefully, this will solve his problems, and we won't need to go any further with testing, but the optometrist says it will be a couple of months before we notice significant differences... his teacher is positive already, though!

Steve was home from work last week, and finally got around to building an eave across our front door... the window to the left of the door is my scrap room, and directly above it is a huge hole in the gutter... when the rain falls, it fills up the garden bed - which is touching the brick walls... osmosis, anyone? My room ends up very wet... so the eave is going to go all the way across my window, too, and we get a new door as well! I'll share a photo of the finished product next weekend.

We got "stimulated" last weekend, and decided to have a weekend away with the kids... we stayed at a caravan park up the coast... unbeknown to us, it was only five minutes up the road from Chloe's house, so she was a bit p!ssed with us, but I think she did have a fun weekend... it was ANZAC day on Saturday, but Underwater World opened at lunchtime, so we took the kids off to "visit the fishes"... Natalie was absolutely enthralled (but my photos suck!)

In other news, I still haven't scrapped in weeks... went to a crop the weekend before last, and managed to finish putting together some more calendars for mums group friends, but didn't get much else done... I walked downstairs yesterday, and was assailed with the smell of my scraproom (kind of a cold smell, not damp but kind of earthy), and it made me itch to create something, then I opened the door, forgetting that hubby had to stash his tools somewhere now that small hands are home again... the urge soon dissapeared! hoping it will return again soon, I wanna create something!

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  1. Good luck with your scan tomorrow .... can't wait to hear what the baby is going to be!!!

    And wow ... I only saw you two weeks ago and so much has happened ... makes mw feel like I haven't seen you in months! :-(


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