Friday 1 May 2009

scans and shopping and maybe some randomness...

We had our scan yesterday, first one, cause we opted not to have the 12wk scan... it was exciting to finally see bubba, and somehow it always makes it feel more real once you have that picture in your head. We opted this time to find out the sex... originally it was to explain to Natalie that mumma was having another bubba, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I NEEDED to know one way or the other this time.


{that's the best photo that he sat still for}

But shopping for boy clothes is awful! I already knew this from my experience of shopping for clothes for Douglas, but it seems that it really doesn't matter what age the child is, you are limited to blue, red, green, or brown. The shop we were in had lots of brown!

These two outfits were the cutest they had available, although I'm really not a fan of the pale, insipid blue colour, I liked the animal applique, and how could I pass up the dinosaurs on red stripes? I can see lots of stripes in this bubba's future, or maybe lots of mum-made clothes!

In other randomness from today, I was supposed to be heading off to a craft show with Amanda this morning {sorry again!}... but it wasn't to be, after Natalie vomited all over herself! I still feel awful a couple of hours later, especially because we originally weren't going to go as Natalie has just cut a 2yo molar, so has had a temperature since yesterday... but she seemed fine so I thought we might risk it... she has since slept for almost two hours, and once again, you wouldn't know anything was out of sorts with her, she's fine!


  1. It's okay ..... think of all the money she saved me! Don't feel guilty - I still love you!

    Fingers crossed for a better catch-up next week though!

    Bright Bots have some cool boys clothes too - not a pastel in sight! :-D

  2. yeah, I was thinking of heading off to check them out in the next couple of weeks...


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