Thursday 2 July 2009

~~ today is ~~

... day four of pricking my finger and keeping track of my diet... after the disastrous day on Monday, it's taken me a couple of days to sort my head out! Needless to say, public hospitals are awesome while you're well, but the second you get sick they seem to fall apart! And being pregnant and hormonal doesn't help either!

Except for a glass of coke on Monday night, my BGL's have been within my "safe" range, until today... they're not outside my "safe" range, but they are a little higher than they have been... I'm keeping an eye on them, and will call the hospital if I need to...

On to other news... my bestie, Amanda, has opened an online shop! D-lish Scraps specialises in embellishments and Amanda's personal "Made by Star" lines... I'm hanging out to play with the floral felties!

Ever the sucker for classes, even when I'm not scrapping, I've signed up for another BPS class! "The Challenge of Me" by Lisa Day is awesome! It's only the end of week one (and I'm behind already, school holidays spoiled my plans to try and stay on top pf this one), where we were given a bunch of prompts about "my life", stuff like, who are your role models?, what's your favourite music?, are you healthy?... week two is all about your family, so I'm hoping to get stuck into that over the weekend.

And another BPS class I'm signing up for is Cathy Zielske's "Me: An Abridged Version"... I know it sounds like the class I'm already taking, but it's a Cathy class! I didn't take the Twitter/Facebook one, and I'm really hoping that she runs that one again sometime soon! I also like the idea that Cathy's daughter is making her own version of the book, and I'm hoping my big girl will want to create it as well... she's at that age now, and living with her dad, that things are becoming really strained between us, and I'm hating that! {the only downside to the class is that it's running through September, and that's when bubba is due to make his appearance, so I probably won't keep up with it!}

And finally - Day 2 of taking photos for my project 365! I printed out most of the journaling spots and shoved them in my album, and the first two days worth of photos are in the album as well! This week, I'll journal at the end of the week, but next week I'll try to do it each evening as I priont the photos out!


  1. Keep yourself healthy Cate.
    Been to Amanda's new shop today and bought heaps of goodies (the price of the postage is too good to pass up).

  2. Hey you .... hope you are keeping well .... love your little food diary ..... you CREATED!!!! yay!! I was thinking of you on Monday and totally meant to ask how you got on. A good friend would have remembered but unfortunately you got me and will have to live with one that puts in a passing though and forgets! (insert embarrased smilie here) Cody is a bit sick atm and we are avoiding everywhere they may be kids that would usually be at school .... but hopefully we can catch up soon!


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