Tuesday 23 June 2009

~~ quick update ~~

~~ oops, forgot to update - I DO have gestational diabetes, so the internet research has gone into overdrive! I'm seeing various specialist on Monday, so will update more then... maybe my head will have stopped spinning by then! ~~

The last couple of weeks have been a flurry of internet research for me... and that isn't always a good thing ~lol~

I had my first midwife appointment 2wks ago, and because of my history with Nat (I developed pre-eclampsia and polyhydramnios the week before she was born) we had decided I would have fortnightly checkups... slightly painful, but good to know that even though the public health system in Australia is falling apart, once you're in it, they bend over backwards to do what they can...

Then comes the checkup... blood pressure good, in fact, slightly lower than last appointment... time to check fundal height and listen to bubba's heart... his heart is beating well, but at 24.6wks, I was measuring 27cms - 1cm too much for everything to just be left until next time...

There is also a family history of gestational diabetes from my maternal grandparents, so I was sent off to do the glucose tolerance test - which isn't fun at all, and involves fasting, 3 blood tests (which they didn't tell me about), and a 75g load of sweet yucky drink (I'll never look at lime cordial the same again)... and the drink is luke warm, making it really sickly.

I had the test this morning. DH ended up staying with me, we ended up with a vomitting toddler as I was going for the last blood test (she slipped and bumped her head, stressed herself out, and started vomitting - an "a-pop" from someone nearby settled her down pretty quickly), but I didn't feel hungry (which surprised me), and I didn't get sick (which surprised me even more, cause I hadn't eaten, and that's what sets off my morning sickness)

Anyway, I'm pretty confident that I don't have gestational diabetes... and we get the results on Thursday... unfortunately, it means that the alternatives might not be very good. I'll be sent for scans to check on bubba, and make sure everything is okay, and then I'll be monitored fortnightly for the next 13 weeks. Fingers crossed for good results on Thursday.


  1. Fingers crossed that everything is okay .... although I am sure it will all be fine. :-)

  2. That really bites about GD. I'm glad you got to eat pancakes last week before you found out. Maybe it will be buckwheat or wholemeal from now on? ick!

  3. That stinks. So sorry to hear that and thinking of you...!


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