Saturday 31 October 2009

~~ busy days ~~

{the back of Riley's head}

These days are busy. It absolutely frustrates the cr@p out of me when my husband goes on about how busy our days are... a busy day is one where you start at the start, and get to the end, and don't stop in the middle, and at the end YOU HAVE ACHIEVED SOMETHING!

We get to the end of the day, and don't feel as if we have achieved anything. We get to the end of the month, and wonder where all the money went. We get to the end of the year and wonder what happened while we were busy.

I don't FEEL busy at all. At the moment, I feel tied to a chair, and struggling to settle a rambunctious two year old. At the moment, I would like someone ELSE to wash my dishes. At the moment, I would like to walk along the boardwalk by the sea. At the moment, I am going to settle the little boy, and then cook tea.

{cookie exchange will return next week, with pecan snickerdoodles, and maybe one other}

{blogging for scrapbookers starts on Monday [afternoon AEDST], so expect some more regularity here!}

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