Sunday 1 November 2009

finally cut something....

... with my Pazzles!

... had to share the photo...

This was my Christmas present last year. I was too impatient to actually wrap it (it arrived on December 23rd, so it wouldn't have been a big wait), so I immediately set it up, and started playing with it, but never got as far as actually cutting anything. January flipped our world upside down, and I ended up sick, and lost interest, but it's been in the back of my mind for months that I have this $1000 machine sitting, collecting dust... and it was DUSTY!

Today I finally cut something. It's only the test cut to make sure everything is set up properly, but I need to use it to label the journals I'm making for gifts, and eventually I plan to get some stamp-making stuff and cut out cool stamps to make unique clothes for the little boy. That's the plan, anyway.

But I had to share... it works!


  1. What a gorgeous family!
    Thanks for posting and starting the Sunday blog train. My blog will update automatically at 3:00 am my time (in about 8 hours), so I'll wait to reply until then!
    Rinda (from Shimelle's blog)

  2. read down several posts and found your cookie exchange - I love the idea and have copied the recipies and will come back for the others. thanks so much for sharing these. I hope you did a MTaV on cookies - I took the class too and love the album I made. Helena (from shimelles class too)

  3. yay! I am glad you got to use your pazzle!

  4. Hey I have a similar machine come christmas present and mine is gathering dust too!!
    Hello across the ditch from a fellow class mate.

  5. I love the idea of having your menu on your sidebar! Very clever. Just dropping by from Shimelle's class to say hi!

  6. sounds like my silouette. LOL!
    just stopped in to say hi, from shimelle's.


  7. So funny! I have a large format printer that's been sitting in my basement for over a year, I need to drag it out and USE it! Have fun with your Pazzles!

  8. I have a sewing machine I have used twice in 4 years. :)

    from shimelle's class

  9. Yay - now to use it more often (I have the original cricut - gathering dust so I can't judge - lol). xx

  10. Yay - now to use it more often (I have the original cricut - gathering dust so I can't judge - lol). xx


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