Sunday 6 December 2009

now and then

I think my first Christmas without Chloe was 2004, when she was six, but it seems like it has been part of our Christmas "routine" for a lot longer. My first Christmas without her was spent with a friend and her family, her parents and children and best friend's family... and it was a wonderful day of laughs and love, but underneath it I felt the separation from Chloe. I called her after lunch, later than I had planned to (those glasses of wine with lunch caught me off guard!), and almost burst into tears when she came to the phone, she was so excited that Santa knew she was at dad's house that year! She's lucky enough to get two Christmas every year (and the year she isn't with us for Christmas day I have been crazy enough to do Christmas twice!), but I think now she is getting older, we'll have to think of a different way to do those missing Christmases.


  1. That is a great post. I hope you enjoy this Christmas whatever you do :)

  2. It's sometimes good to write these thoughts down, I hope you have a lovely Christmas this year x

  3. Oh yes, those double Christmases. My daughter is 21 now, and from the time she was 5 we've done the double Christmas routine. It has gotten easier as she's gotten older, that's for sure, but the mom in me wants her all to myself every year (every day!). :o)

    LOVE the picture in your banner!!!

  4. ((hugs)) thanks for sharing Cate as it isn't always easy. Seeing you love your baking, check out the christmas goodies on my blog. xx


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