Sunday 14 February 2010

it's only four weeks...

until my birthday!

Valentine's Day always meant I could start the count down to my birthday when I was a kid. These days, my birthday can sometimes get forgotten, cause Nat's birthday is the week before, but we celebrate it again the same weekend as my birthday, as that's when Chloe is home to celebrate with her (just like Mother's Day can get forgotten in the excitement of Chloe's birthday each year)

But this year, I got presents two weeks ago! My mum has finally (after over two years!) started reading my blog regularly. I mentioned in my letter to Santa that I wanted a garlic crusher and tiered cooling rack, and I had a whinge on facebook one day that I couldn't roll dough for pizza with a bottle of red wine, and then this box arrived with all those items in it! Sometimes the best presents are the ones that you tell people you need! (I never did tell her that I bought a garlic crusher and put it away for the kids to give me for Christmas - cause it's still in that put away spot, it never actually made it under the tree ~lol~)

{if you're addicted to facebook, like me, that link up there will take you to my profile - a girl can never have too many friends, but I don't play games, only live vicariously through your photos and status updates!}

Thanks, mum, xox


  1. what a lovely thing for your mum to do! love her :)
    I dont take part in any of the Farm/fish/cafeworld stuff on FBook either but I am very much addicted to Bejewelled Blitz (in between reading everyones statuses!)

  2. Hooray for celebrating your birthday a little early with a fun package from your mom. :o)

    Happy Valentine's Day, Cate!

    PS: I'll add you on my facebook list. :o)


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