Thursday 25 February 2010

post 400!

I've been a little slack this week, reading lots of blogs, mentally doing lots of "stuff", but not really crafting, scrapping or blogging about any of it. I'm still struggling to find my rhythm with Riley and Natalie, but I think we're starting to get things ironed out (yes, I'm "making a rod for my own back", but Riley is finally starting to fall asleep on the b@@b, and stay asleep, so endless hours of patting isn't needed after each feed!)

Anyway, onto my little giveaway! (there's a few around at the moment, everyone had the same idea of saying "thanks!") I've included stuff in the bundle that makes me happy. Thickers are a must! I haven't scrapped for over a year, so I had to hunt for unused packets that sang to me when I picked them up. The leg warmers are such an awesome colour, but I'm never sure what to do with the accent thickers (in fact, I didn't even remember buying them until I picked them up).

I knew I needed to include magazines - my favourite lifestyle mag, Notebook: Magazine (they theme every month's topics, and this month's theme is the "handmade revolution"), and Scrapbooking Memories, an Australian scrapping magazine (both magazines come with freebies this month, so I'll pop out to the shops tomorrow and pick up brand new copies for the giveaway!) Anyone who has ever travelled overseas knows that chocolate tastes different whichever country you go to, (and that all scrappers eat chocolate), so there's a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk choc, a couple of random Kaisercraft items (wood flowers and bling), and a journal that I covered and gave as gifts to my mums group (that sounds strange - it's an extra, not a used one ~lol~)

Like I said previously, I'm happy to post international.

Please leave me a comment, and tell me what your favourite kitchen appliance is.

I'll leave comments open until midnight Sunday GMT (10am Monday, Australian Eastern Standard Time, everyone else can figure out their time zones), and announce the winner by 9pm Monday AEST. [there is no daylight savings time in Queensland]

Please leave an email address with your comment, if you do not blog, so I can get in touch with you if you win (or just send you a random email to say "hi, thanks for reading my blog") I will switch off word verfication, and the "google/open id/etc" user only thingy until this giveaway is over, so all readers can have a chance to win.

Oh, I love my old Kenwood stand mixer. Mum was given it as an engagement present all those years ago, and it always brings back memories of her baking (unfortunately, lots of the baking has memories of my parents fighting, too). I don't use it often at the moment, but fruit mince pies at Christmas, and white chocolate cheesecake for Steve's birthday just aren't the same without it.


  1. What a yummy giveaway! Those are my kinda Happy things too.

    My fave kitchen appliance would have to be the George Foreman family sized Grill! We just got a new one for Xmas as the other one is sooo tired now from using it almost daily in our lives. It gets anything & everything put in it & its amazing seeing how much fat comes off even the "fat free" items lol. Always keeps things moist too like chicken which I can't stand if its dry. So quick & easy on a busy night just to turn it on, throw some chicken on (or something else), throw herbs overtop & put the lid down - next thing you know its ready ;o) Grills vegies great too! Yum yum yum! Haven't found any other appliances that satisfy me as much as my Georgie lol ... (altho, my electric can-opener would come a close 2nd LOL - geez im lazy! lol)

  2. my favourite appliance is my....pie maker - no surprise if you know my family. lol. My late grandma taught me some "family recipe" pies and others when I was 11, my parents bought me my first pie maker when I was 12 and last year at age 27 I had to update as it decided enough was enough! I can guarantee that when I pull it out and my brother and his mates get wind of it, my house has a lot of people just "dropping by to say hi" and they end up leaving with a few pies. My favourite to make are plain old cheese and onion, although I do often throw in some bacon and veges to mix it up. Left over roast and vege make great ones too, and they never stay long. I will make a batch of 24 that (once everyone has come and said hi) will get frozen but only last a few days as mum and Dwaynne both have to take them to work.

  3. Love the fabulous give away.

    OK, my fav appliance is my pancake maker. They are just so quick and easy to make and you don't have to 'fuss' over trying to flip them. I love it though because most sundays we have pancakes for breakfast as a family and it is just something we all enjoy together.

  4. I am a complete magazine junkie, so I think this is a fabulous giveaway! Congratulations on 400 posts..and here's to many more. My favourite gadget without a doubt is my slow cooker (crockpot). Definitely the scrapbookers best friend!

  5. hehehe .... my fave appliance would have to be the dishwasher!! No fun cooking if you have to clean up your own mess! We have a rule in our house too .... if it can't be washed in the dishwasher we don't buy/use it!! :-D Congrats on 400 posts!!

  6. Hmmm which one to pick. Love my Kenwood too. How else could I make COndensed Milk Bsicuts easily.
    Love the George, snags are awesome cooked in them.
    My Blender. A must for pureeing all that baby food for Ethan and now Eli.
    But my favourite would have to be my digtal scales. I dreamed of a set for years and finally my mum bought me a set for my birthdya a few years ago. Unfortunately the battery has just died in it so must remember to add that to my shopping list. or you know where to find my on FB.

  7. What a great giveaway! :o) Congrats on your 400th post!!! I want to win the prize just for the chocolate. LOL

    Let's favorite kitchen appliance... I think I'd have to pick my little blender called "Magic Bullet." It's great for making a single sized smoothie (frozen fruit and yogurt drink) and also chopping up small amounts of veggies for sauces. Clean up is a breeze too.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway, Cate. I hope I win! ;o)

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