Thursday 4 March 2010

can I borrow that idea?

I have an obsessive personality. I know that, and my family knows it. I'd like to think it's one of the quirky things that makes me, well, me.


I don't obsess about using the same coloured pegs on clothes (I have so many clothes in each load, I genuinely don't have enough pegs, so that's more about each item of clothing only has one peg on it, why would I get obsessed about the colour?), but I don't let Steve hang the clothes out, because he mucks up my system (clothes on one section, towels another, smalls to the middle, etc - we still have an old Hills rotary hoist out the back, which I want to keep for as long as possible)

I definately have a thickers obsession (but have only bought a few packets in the last year - and, no, my scraproom doesn't look that neat, during my "hiatus" it has become a dumping ground for anything and everything, which we are slowly getting sorted out now)
Most recently, my obsession has become blogs. And following my ideas from one blog to another. Sometimes (like this morning) I have ten or twelve tabs open while I am scrolling through google reader and spot something I want to look at in more detail (it was actually an idea I was sort of doing already, but was recommended over at martawrites, which I only discovered at the start of the week. She's running a cool series this week on blogging and business, pop over and check it out if you haven't already)


There is an almost-birthday girl (well, a couple, actually) in our house (this was the donut cake for mums group yesterday, but she woke up vomiting, so we blew out the candles when dad got home, next week we'll make another one). I want to make her a crayon roll and a birthday crown, which introduced me to skip to my lou (oh. my. goodness. I now have thousands of ideas whirling around in my brain)

This morning, callaloo soup (don't you LOVE that name - I often find myself saying it in the middle of the night) shared her idea for writing down ideas, which reminded me that I need a notebook for making notes as I'm seeing the world online (and not just bookmarking on delicious - which I sometimes [often] forget to come back to). Mel shared the contents of her handbag (something else I have written down, I don't actually carry a handbag at the moment, too many little hands need holding)

Steve loves Guinness, so this cake is now firmly marked in my bookmarks (and once I buy a bundt tin, I'll be baking it!) Once upon a time I had a recipe for a Guinness Christmas cake tucked away in my recipes-I-must-gather-and-allow-to-collect-dust-for-five-years-before-baking box, which I have never been able to find again, so this might make a decent substitute. And to just add to my baking list, Deb shared her "vintage" recipe for peanut butter cookies. I was just thinking last week about digging out my recipe, and now have more motivation to do it!

{ETA - I can't separate the paragraphs between the thickers and cake photos, I hate bad grammar and punctuation, even if I do like to make up words like randomness, scrappiness and ickyness ~lol~)



  1. lol! I can definitely relate to the hanging-up-the-washing one! Great post

  2. I'm back to say thanks for the link to's brilliant!

  3. Love the donut cake! Will have to remember that one!

    Thanks for the list of links here - I follow Skip to My Lou as well and love her blog! I'm hoping you'll create a post when you make your peanut butter cookies along with your recipe as well. :o) xo

  4. Thanks for the much to take in, my menfolk will be going hungry at this rate!!!

    I have my own system for hanging out laundry too...but then I AM definitely borderline OCD!!!! I don't think my guys look at it as quirkiness...more like a pain in the butt!!!

    But what the hell, I'm happy in my own little world of order & neatness...most of the time!!! Check out my blog post tomorrow!!!


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