Thursday 18 March 2010

can I borrow that idea?

Did you read Elise Blaha's blog on Tuesday?

I like the idea of being "skilled in the techniques of art and craft." I like the thought of practicing and growing to become a Craftsman.

I want to be a craftsman when I grow up.

Sharyn shared a recipe for Guinness cupcakes, now added to my list for baking this weekend. And Sian shared potato bread for St Patricks Day (I remember mum making these with leftover mash when I was younger, but they never looked that yummy!)

I desperately need a pin cushion, I keep poking myself every time I need a pin for something, so I bookmarked this one from CraftyPod today - it's either an excuse to buy a yo-yo maker, or beautiful eye candy!

Today, One Pretty Thing shared this mod-podged hand trees that have now been added to my Christmas craft list, and last week there was another Christmas crafts blog showcased, Twelve Crafts Until Christmas. If you craft, go check them out! (don't forget the 25th of each month is Handmade Christmas over here! I'm working on a couple of simple things for this month, and have been slowly filling my ideas pages for the rest of the year!)

Last one for today - Dolly Donations. Need I say more?


  1. I had seen the yo-yo pincushion on Craftypod too and LOVED it. I thought she did a nice job on the tutorial as well.

    The mod-podged hand trees are awesome!

    Thanks for the fun links ~ and enjoy your day! xo

  2. oooh! Guiness cupcakes! In jamaica they make an Easter bun that has guiness. hmmm, I should look for that recipe and make some for this Easter :)


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