Monday 17 May 2010

{53 Mondays} #19 a bit o' this, a bit o' that

Last week was crafty in spurts...

worked on my "all about me" project

finished the class layouts from 2wks ago

created lots of flowers
{thought I would sell them, now I'm not so sure}

working on a blog album for Riley
{flyin' high kit from the digi chick}


  1. A blogging album? So everything you blog about Riley goes in there? That is such a cool idea! I know a girl who likes being on the blog, but would like a book about being on the blog even more.

  2. Ohh those flowers look gorgeous! Why arent you going to sell them?!!

  3. Love, love, love these glimpses! Can't wait to see your completed AAM project, that's an intriguing snippet :-)


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