Wednesday 9 June 2010

words on wednesday

I don't often whinge and grumble on my blog, but sometimes a body needs a good whinge and grumble...

Did you read Kelly Purkey's blog last Thursday? She was so right about making our lives look bright and perfect, but some days just suck. I have been busy for the last week, but now I sit down and reflect on it, and I don't have a clue what it was I was busy doing. (I know I didn't create anything, that's why there was no post on Monday... but I am creating this week)

Riley has been sick and teething for the last week, but no teeth have actually cut through. Unfortunately, he has discovered his capacity to cry, which usually kicks in when dad needs to sit down after holding the little boy for hours, after mum has been holding him for hours while dad has been at work.

{have I told you, dear reader, that my brother and his two children live here with us? So we have 3 adults, and 5 children in our house, plus 1 who comes every other week? We have no control over any of the children (particularly Nat) because they constantly get mixed messages from the different parenting (or lack of parenting) that happens, and it doesn't look like the situation will change any time soon, although it was only supposed to be a 6-12 month arrangement, and we asked themt o leave by the time Riley was born (at which time they would have ben here for 12mths)... Riley will be 9 months old on Friday, so it's almost two years they ave been here... You'll note there's no whinging about his inability to clean house, help with any housework (like loading the dishwasher, washing dishes after he cooks, cleaning up the cereal his children drop on the floor)... there is also no whinging about the constant stress this puts on my relationship with Steve (who blames me for the disgusting way my brother treats all the children - negligent at least, abusive if he didn't live with us) not to mention the lack of hot water for showers!}

A couple of weeks ago I won Your Life: Captured Through the Len on Katrina Kennedy's blog. I've printed out all the material so far, but haven't had a chance to play along yet. I'm also taking 52 Card Pickup at BPS... I thought a small technique class I could keep up with, right? Wrong! In one week I have managed to make ONE card! (there's one technique from the first week, using old photos with writing on the back, that I know I can't do, because I don't have any old photos) I haven't even managed to READ this week's prompts!

Want to hear something silly? Yesterday I made a quilt. It's not for me, you see, it's for a friend who is going away next week, and the person who was making it for her fell through, so she asked me. It's a paying job.. So I can find the time to do that (although it took me all day to create four appliques, and sew four fat quarters together. I rushed sewing the back on last night, and botched it, have to start from scratch today) Kind of like growing up with an unfinished kitchen, cause my dad was a cabinet maker and was always busy doing work he was being paid for.

Ooh, it's cathartic having a bit of a grumble. I'm feeling better already for having just released the feeling into the world. {I'm also feeling inspired to get stuck into my technique cards once I've finished the quilt later today) Thanks for taking the time to read my grumbling.

Oh, and while I think of it, thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. It makes me smile to see who is reading and leaving comments. I don't always leave comments or reply to those left, but I do smile lots these days. (although it's time for a reader clean out, if I can get through 150 blogs in an hour without bookmarking anything, I'm not being inspired)


  1. Know what you mean about a little rant it is good for the soul. So you go ahead and let it all out x

  2. Some days do just suck and it's time more women stood up and were honest about it! So good for you. I'm cheering you on with your quilt today x

  3. Oh, my dear Cate. You certainly have a plate full, don't you!

    I had to chuckle about your comment about your dad and the kitchen cabinets! My husband is a painting contractor and I have wanted our bedroom painted for TWO years now (I HATE the current color) but it's not happening any time soon.

    Good luck with everything!!! Sending you an e-hug!!!

  4. Cate you poor girl! I think you are making life too comfortable for your brother - start laying some rules down & you might find that he wants to move!! Well done for having a rant because we all need to do it every now & then just for our own sanitys sake lol. Take care xx

  5. We certainly do need time to have a moan now and then, and it always feels better to let it out rather than shut it in and just dwell on it. Hope better days are just round the corner!


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