Saturday 11 September 2010

today you are one

you were tired when mum took this photo, hence the tears
no new teeth this month, but lots of teething pain
you love eating mash potato, cereal with blueberry/apple puree, and chicken
you can climb up the stairs, and love doing it
you like playing with the broom, pushing it in front of you
you've recently discovered the toilet bowl, but can't reach the paper yet
you're still unsteady on your feet, but like walking along furniture
you can stand next to furniture without holding on, until you realise you're not holding on
your hair is getting long, but I don't want to cut it for at least six months more
you like playing in the sandpit with the kids
you've just recovered from a bout of conjunctivitis, your first doctor's visit
mum will weigh and measure you monday, to wrap up the year
you occasionally watch tv, wow, wow, wubzy and wonder pets catch your eye most
sweetie is visiting for your birthday, but you're still wary of her
we're having a party/naming ceremony today to celebrate your first year


  1. Hooray! Happy birthday, Riley! This makes me a little sentimental, Cate. I started following your blog when he was only a couple months old. :o) Have fun celebrating!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Riley!!!!!

  3. Even with the teary face, he looks like a sweet boy! Hope he celebration was wonderful!

  4. Happy Birthday Birthday Boy! The first one is always special

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I have a personal theory that the first birthday should really be about congratulating the primary caregiver on all the hard work. So happy day to you too Mum, congratulations on getting to year 1 :-)


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